Campaign website- Bill Goichberg for USCF Executive Board

        Thanks for visiting my campaign website!  I'm running for the US Chess Federation Executive Board in an election to be held by mail in June and early July 2005.   Four of the seven Executive Board seats are being filled this year, and all USCF Voting Members (those age 16 or over who are current members in June) are eligible to vote.  All Board members are elected at large; the Board subsequently will choose its own officers.  Ballots will appear in the June issue of Chess Life magazine.
        Candidates are allowed a 150 word statement in the April Chess Life and 500 words in both the May and June issues.  That's far less than needed for a serious discussion of issues, so I will present additional material on this website.  Click here for my resume and qualifications.  If you support me, please also vote for Joel Channing, Robert Tanner, and Greg Shahade.


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Click here for July 21 ballot count info.

Click here for an updated count as of 1 pm July 22.

Click here for final results by region.

Some ballots in the June Chess Life are missing the preprinted voter info on the back.
New ballots were mailed to all voters.

If your ballot was missing the voter info and you wrote it in, originally your vote was to not count, but this has been changed and it will be counted.  If you vote twice, only the ballot from Chess Life will be counted.

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Vote for Channing, Tanner and Shahade

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