by Bill Goichberg

If you support me for the USCF Executive Board, please allow me to be more effective by replacing the "success team" current Board majority with a Board that knows business, that puts USCF's interests above politics, that I can better work with.  We are fortunate to have three other outstanding Executive Board candidates: Joel Channing, Robert Tanner, and Greg Shahade, and I recommend their election.

JOEL CHANNING:  Joel has the type of business background that has been in short supply on past Boards.  He is Chairman of the Board of a corporation that sells $40 million worth of real estate annually.  Joel is also recognized as an expert on community development, having served on various state and city planning, zoning, and development boards.  He also founded and manages a chess club and is organizing a huge simul at which Susan Polgar will attempt to set a world record, and is a Director of the US Chess Trust.

ROBERT TANNER:  Robert also has strong business credentials, having been the CFO of a $60 million cooperative.  And few can match his variety of chess experience: USCF's FIDE Zonal President, National TD, International Arbiter, director of four US Championships and numerous national scholastics, organizer of three US Championships, member USCF Scholastic Council, member USCF and FIDE Rules Committees, chess teacher, chess historian.

GREG SHAHADE:  Greg is an International Master who, at age 26, has already accomplished much as both an organizer and a player.  He has innovative ideas, puts in the effort needed for their success, and has demonstrated the ability to find sponsorship. Check the web for two of his projects: New York Masters ( and United States Chess League (

THE SLATE:  Four other candidates are allied as a self-described "slate," also named "US Chess Success Team." The "success team" has devoted much of its campaign effort to an unusual strategy- trying to deceive the voters into believing that they "made the tough decisions" and saved USCF from financial ruin, even though 75% of them were not in office during the Federation's dramatic recovery! 

REPEAT IT ENOUGH TIMES, IT BECOMES TRUE?:  Will the voters notice that only one "success team" member was on the Board while the Federation went from owing $400,000 to $500,000 more than it could pay in summer 2003 to having $200,000 more than needed to pay its bills at the close of the fiscal year in May 2004?  Will they notice that on the "tough decision" vote, the painful August 2003 vote to lay off 17 employees, that lone "success team" member on the Board (Shutt) voted no?  Or will they be fooled by the constant repetition of a falsehood?

Chessplayers are smarter than the average person.  I am confident they will make the right decision.

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