It has now been more than two weeks since USCF astonished and angered many of its members by announcing an alliance with Natrol, Inc. to promote "brainSpeed (R)," a substance that its maker claims will improve mental performance and take chess players "to the next level."

The USCF news release below appeared on the Federation's website, but was removed without explanation on June 13.  Today, this website has rewritten history: the list of press releases at shows "Release #18" as the All-Girls National Championships; no mention of what has become of the original #18, the Brain Pill release.  The USCF-Natrol alliance is still featured today at this Natrol website:

USCF President Beatriz Marinello has made no public statement, as far as I am aware, regarding the USCF alliance with Natrol.  Executive Board member Don Schultz, who opposes the alliance, moved by objections procedure that the Board ask Marinello to reveal the facts behind the Brain Pill agreement, but this motion was killed by an objection from Elizabeth Shaughnessy, a Board member who also vigorously defended the Natrol alliance at the recent National Open.

Executive Board member Randy Bauer has posted on newsgroups that Marinello arranged the Natrol alliance without informing the Board, regrets doing so, and that USCF will not partner with this company in the future.  Bauer also opposes the alliance. Stan Booz, co-chair of the USCF Finance Committee, has suggested that Don Schultz supported the Brain Pill deal.  Board members Steve Shutt and Tim Hanke, I believe, have made no public statements regarding Brain Pills.

Instead of trying to pretend that the alliance to promote Brain Pills never existed, I believe that the Executive Board should pass a motion apologizing to the membership for this mistake, explaining how it came about, and stating that no further alliances of this type will be considered.  This motion should be reported in a new USCF press release, and should appear on on the homepage as well, where Brain Pill publicity was previously located.


June 6, 2005
Press Release #18 of 2005 (818)739-6000


(CROSSVILLE, TN) Natrol (NASDAQ:NTOL) and the US Chess Federation will present the brainSpeed™ Human Chess Challenge, a regulation match where two world-famous Grandmasters control a gigantic chessboard featuring human being as the chess pieces – June, 11, 2005

In a twist on tradition, Chess masters and fans at the 2005 US Chess Federation National Open will get a sneak preview of Natrol® brainSpeed™, the new cognitive health supplement designed to help improve mental agility, promote attention and maintain memory.† This innovative nutritional product which helps you think faster, hits the chess world, June 11, 2005 at the famed Riviera Hotel grand ballroom when two world-famous Chess Grandmasters control a gigantic chessboard featuring human beings as chess pieces!

Natrol® BrainSpeed™ has been developed to take chess players to the next level by targeting the cholinergic system – the key to mental processing speed - by helping to accelerate reaction time, improve decision making velocity and promote mental acuity.

The human chess pieces will also issue brainspeeding tickets to attendees, inviting them to take the brainSpeedometer? online test to measure their current mental agility. This test establishes a brainSpeed™ benchmark for attention, memory and mental performance and then allows people to track their progress as they use the product. The product will also be made available for sales during the Open before its official retail launch in August.

Riviera Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas – GRAND BALLROOM
2901 Las Vegas Blvd., South

Two World-Famous Chess Grandmasters (names TBD) playing chess with the BrainSpeed™ Human Chess Pieces

Saturday, June 11, 2005
4:45 pm – Press Arrivals & Set-Ups
5:15 pm – Human Chess Tournament Starts – PHOTO OPS

Media interested in covering this event please contact: Bob Mauser at 818-739-6000 or or Michele Shuman at 323-850-6240 or



About Natrol® brainSpeed™
Each brainSpeed product contains a proprietary core blend of nutrients that has been identified as beneficial for attention, memory, decision-making and other cognitive functions. With this core blend of and specific additional ingredients for each brainSpeed product,
Natrol® has created a product line that can help improve cognitive function with regular usage. Natrol® brainSpeed Attention™, Natrol® brainSpeed Perform™ and Natrol® brainSpeed Memory™ products will be available at fine health food stores and other select retailers beginning in August. For more information go to™

About Natrol®
Founded in 1980,
Natrol, Inc.(NASDAQ:NTOL) is a diversified nutrition company that manufactures and markets premium branded nutritional products, functional teas and sports fitness products under the Natrol®, Laci Le Beau® Tea and Prolab® Sports Nutrition labels. Natrol markets more than 200 nutritional products designed to meet a wide range of consumer needs. The products are available at more than 50,000 food, drug, mass market and independent health food stores, catalogs and Internet sites, gyms and specialty stores nationally and in select foreign countries. For more information visit

About the US Chess Federation
The US Chess Federation is the official sanctioning body for over the board tournament play in the U.S. With over 90,000 members the USCF offers something for every player from beginner to Grandmaster. In addition to rating tournaments, the USCF supports and promotes chess activities throughout the US.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


The United States Chess Federation, founded in 1939, serves as the governing body for chess in the United States and is now headquartered in Crossville, Tennessee. USCF is devoted to extending the role of chess in American society. It promotes the study and knowledge of the game of chess, for its own sake as an art and enjoyment, and as a means for the improvement of society. The USCF is a not-for-profit membership organization with more than 90,000 members. For additional on the USCF see:

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