by Bill Goichberg

The objections procedure motion by Executive Board member Don Schultz calling on USCF President Beatriz Marinello to explain how the decision to promote Natrol's "Brain Pill" came about and who supported it has been defeated as a result of an objection by Board member Elizabeth Shaughnessy.  I wonder why Shaughnessy wants to keep this information secret from the membership?

On an objections procedure motion, one objection is sufficient to prevent passage.  A conference call is scheduled at the request of either the President or three members of the Board.    

Subject: [fide-chess] Stan Booz's Lies about me
Date: 6/17/2005 10:28:32 PM Eastern Standard Time
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The objections procedure motion below that I have made has been objected to by Elizabeth Shaughnessy and thus fails. I have therefore requested a conference call to vote on the motion.:
Stan Booz, an advisor to President Marinello and Chair of Co-Chair of the Finance Committee has stated on the Internet that Don (with the clear implication that I am that Don) said we will get a lot of funding from the Brain Pill people. This is his second implication to a wide audience that IStan has made implying I had some involvement in the Brain Pill Deal. I therefore move by objections procedure that President Marinello explain how the deal came about, who was involved and who if anyone said we'll get a lot of funding from these folks. Rationale for Motion: I personally have no idea as to the answers of these questions but since Stan Booz has brought since this question to the attention of the world I think we need to find out. If there are no objections to this motion by June 24 it passes.
Don Schultz

(Note: Schultz since corrected a typo in his motion, changing "Chair of Co-Chair of the Finance Committee" to "Co-Chair of the Finance Committee.")

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