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Date: 19 Jan 2005 16:54:13 GMT
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Subject: Re: Bill Goichberg's $25,000 bonus
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>Subject: Re: Bill Goichberg's $25,000 bonus
>From: "StanB"
>Date: 1/19/2005 6:09 AM Pacific Standard Time
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><> wrote in message

>>> Worse, we won't have Billy G. and his stooge Ken Thomas, there to
>> cook the
>>> books. Ken was the CPA Bill brought in to cook..errr...keep the
>> books. Well
>>> it turned out he wasn't a CPA and wasn't even much of an accountant.
>> You
>>> see, Bill reported a surplus of 517K at six months which included
>> 375K from
>>> the building sale. Not to mention 400K in the operating account. But
>> guess
>>> what.

>> Ken Thomas never claimed to be a CPA.

>No, you claimed that initially.


Not true.  Please quote such a claim.

>>He worked hard for little pay and
>> helped USCF. In his final month he became ill and fell behind in his
>> work.  Apparently his second quarter report erroneously overstated
>> credit card income and bank balance.

>I knew you'd have an excuse. Imagine if I told my clients I screwed up thier
>tax return because I fell sick. I'd be out of business.


But you wouldn't be a crook.
>In the last fifteen
>years I've been sick many times yet still managed to put out a quality
>product. That excuse doesn't cut it.
One can get sick, fall behind, and catch up.  Ken was sick near the end of his
tenure so his successor had to catch up for him.
>>> Reconciliations weren't done, transfers weren't recorded, and Chess
>> Cafe
>>> never paid for the inventory Bill gave them.

>> Ken did stop doing bank reconciliations at some point. I don't believe
>> that it's correct that ChessCafe failed to pay for the inventory,
>> because their payment was offset against money due from USCF for back
>> orders filled by ChessCafe in USCF's final month in business.

>Let us see, we owed them five figures and they owed us six figures so they
>stopped paying us. Go figure.


They don't owe us six figures!  They purchased far less merchandise than that.
If you are referring to the $350,000, they are current on their payments.

>>> short 200K in cash and the 142K of regular income is only about 12K.
>> Sam was
>>> right to file with the state. He just named the wrong crooks.

>> It is outrageous to call someone a crook for making an honest mistake.
>> If income was only 12K for six months without the building sale, that
>> is still not bad considering that we expect a large ChessCafe payment
>> in the spring, our weakest period for memberships (summer) is past, and
>> first half tournaments were mostly invitationals and lost money while
>> second half tournaments including the Supernationals should show a good
>> profit.

>We're expecting a large payment so all is well. All we need to know is why
>we have to wait till spring for our share of the holiday money.And of course
>if the large payment doesn't occur it'll just be an honest mistake.

>>> Not only that, the 1,000 a month rent we were to pay for the basement
>> of our
>>> former building, guess what, that was for the later months. The first
>> month
>>> cost 10,000. Now you may say why would the board approve of this?
>> Right.
>>> They didn't. Bill did it behind their back. He and Frank Brady signed
>> the
>>> lease without telling the board. One wonders why the extra 9,000 and
>> who
>>> really got the money.


>> What garbage. The $10,000 for the initial month's payment was requested
>> by the buyer.  It cost USCF nothing because in return, the sale price
>> of the building was increased by $10,000. You could have learned this
>> by simply asking me, but instead you prefer to go public with smear
>> attacks made without any attempt to learn the facts.

>Oh but I do know facts. You helped them engage in a fraudulent financial
>transaction. They will now be able to say they had ten K more in income.
>Won't their board be proud of them. Sounds crooked to me.


They don't have a board, there are three partners who are owners and all three
participated in the discussions and requested to pay $10,000 more for the
building and have it returned as the first month's rent.  This was at the
advice of their attorney, and our attorney saw nothing wrong with it.
>> Also, Frank Brady did not sign the lease.

>What did he sign then? The sale agreeement. The one inflated by ten

He did not sign any agreement of any kind with the buyers.
>>> This year we should probably skip the audit and get an opinion from
>> the
>>> District Attorney.

>>> It makes you go hmmm.

>> Hmmm... let's see if you apologize for your false charge and admit that
>> the answer to "who really got the money" is that the USCF got it.

>We'll let the auditors decide that. And I'll apologize when you apologue to
>Doris for telling everyone that she was getting a kickback from the USCF
>chess server vendor.
Everyone?  I have never said that, although Sam Sloan may have.
>I'm glad to see Bill take umbrage with my posting. I just wonder why he
>never does the same with Sam Sloan's smear campaign. I guess he just doesn't
>want to pile on.
I am responding to you because you have made false statements about me that
are, at a minimum, the result of carelessly refusing to check facts that are
easily available.  I think Sam's attacks on Beatriz are wrong and
inappropriate, and I publicly opposed Sam the last time he ran pointing out
that statements he made at the time were wrong, but your attacks on Ken Thomas,
myself and others are equally wrong and inappropriate.

You cannot justify making false statements and calling people crooks without
evidence by saying "Sam does it too."  Your behavior is disgraceful.

Bill Goichberg

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