Subj: Re: USCF move
Date: 10/15/2004 7:29:35 PM Eastern Daylight
From: Chessoffice
To: Beatchess,,,, Chessdon,,
CC:, LWDubeck,,,,, Chessoffice

Dear Board and Relocation Committee:

I have been speaking to Erik Anderson of AF4C about the building in Liberty,
and he has expressed interest in helping us. As you can see from the email
below, Erik will speak to Alan Gerry about USCF obtaining five years of free
rent, followed by an option to buy. If necessary, I think Erik is willing to
buy the building and give us free rent. Erik thinks the building sounds like a
good opportunity and he may visit it within the next two weeks.

Bill Goichberg

In a message dated 10/15/2004 12:54:48 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Subj: USCF move
Date: 10/15/2004 12:54:48 PM Eastern Standard Time

I have recently received the material from Liberty New York regarding a
possible relocation of the USCF offices to Liberty.
Obviously, a decision to move locations is a major strategic decision for the
organization and should be carefully considered.

Bill, you asked me if I would be interested in assisting the USCF in making a
move to Liberty. I am happy to pursue this opportunity on behalf of the USCF.I
intend to pursue the following course of action.

1. Mr. Gerry is known to me and my associates. I will make contact with Mr.
Gerry and see if we can structure a transaction to take advantage of the
benefits this opportunity offers and mitigate the risks associated with an
older building. In particular, I will propose that Mr. Gerry and my associates
and me see if we can take the risk of ownership. I will propose to Mr. Gerry,
that housing the USCF in Liberty is a great benefit to the community and that
we should endeavor to give the USCF free rent for at least 5 years and an
attractive option to purchase the building for the USCF.

2. I will also let Mr. Gerry know of the activities of the AF4C and will let
him know that we will work with him and other community leaders to host
exciting events in his community.

I am in the process of making contact with Mr. Gerry.

I will need approximately 2 weeks to pursue this idea for the USCF

Good luck with this important decision


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