Ballots for the election of 4 members of the USCF Executive Board will be included in the June issue of Chess Life. This is a crucially important election to the future of the USCF and to its very survival. Thus it is important that every eligible member vote.

We the undersigned Past Presidents of the United States Chess Federation urge you to vote for:


BILL GOICHBERG:  Bill Goichberg has conducted more tournaments over the last 40 years than anyone else in the USCF. Many of the best known annual tournaments, both scholastic and adult, were originated by him. As a gesture of support for his many decades of contributions to American Chess, we three past Presidents are supporting him for reelection to the Executive Board. We are confident that he can provide continuity and unity to  the USCF in the face of the many financial and legal challenges imperiling the organization’s very existence. 


MICHAEL ATKINS:  He has been an active USCF member and tournament director since the 1970s. He became a National TD in 2000. He has  experience running a tournament clearinghouse to resolve tournament conflicts. He has pledged to apply this experience to helping the USCF Executive Board “return to civility in its actions and re-direct it back to supporting and encouraging the growth of chess in the US.” We agree with Mr. Atkins’ goals!


RUTH HARING:  She has been an active player for many years, representing the USCF at a number of international events. She also has managed complex projects for such business giants as IBM and Ebay. Her business experience will be invaluable to the Executive Board as it struggles to solve serious financial challenges.




Yours for chess,              


                                      Dr. Leroy W. Dubeck, USCF President 1969-1972, was responsible for the “Fischer membership boom” when USCF membership more than tripled in 3 years.


                                         E. Steven Doyle, USCF President 1984-1987, was responsible for creating and funding the Life Member Assets (LMA)  fund with over $1 million in cash as well as paying off the mortgage on the USCF’s headquarters. The LMA  pays for the costs of delivering service to our thousands of life members.


                                         Beatriz Marinello, USCF President 2003-2005, saved the USCF from bankruptcy in 2003 after the USCF had run deficits for many prior years.