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Date: 10/18/2006 7:06:49

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your right....nothing was lost in translation....i was writin w/o readin
too close but I got to tell u, I too am not a big fan of all chick events
and as for avoiding lower rateds like da plague....we've all seen that
movie before, now haven't we.....

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they are trying to do damage control. Alexandra has been getting slammed

that she is a joke of a player (even though being a GM) and she is
pulling a Kornukova routine banking on looks and not ability so she wants to play
in the lower half of events so if she loses then she tried but was not
expected to do well....
diego borderline pimps Alexandra out which is bad really for chess,
women, and women in chess but it serves the purpose of bringing in the almighty
dollar - even though technically he comes from a very affulent family
and doesn't need the $$$.
forgot to copy brad... nah nothing lost in translation per your response
to bill's response...
screw 'em ... don't need 'em...
before i was going around trying to find gm's to play for cheap for me -
now 2550+ rated gm's are ASKING for invites to play (Golod and


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I don't agree with other Kosteniuk marketing decisions, but I think this
one is legit (so don't be so hard on them)....

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so much for furthering women in chess... guess these two are in it for


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Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 11:33:39 +0300

Hi Sevan,

Thanks for your email, of course we followed your tournament, it is
great it led to Pascal Charbonneau gained his final GM norm, congratulations
to him for playing well and to you for giving him that possibility!

Alexandra is not interested in playing an event which would be female
only. There are already plenty of obligatory occasions to play with women
this year with the world championships in March and the Olympiads in May, so
in order to progress Alexandra should strive to play all other tournaments
with males only, and preferably she should be in the lower half start
rating list. That's one of the reasons women are weaker than men, and
women will only get stronger if they stop playing in all-women events, and
instead try to play mostly stronger men GM's, I hope you understand.

We'd love to come back to Chicago, so next time you organize a mostly
male tournament where Alexandra would be in the lower half startrating list
please contact us!

Just for your information, Alexandra would be interested in any rapid
tournament (15-20-25 minutes per game), and any blitz tournament, with
any participants, male or female, as long as scheduling permits, and good
fees/prizes are available.

Best wishes to you and good luck organizing your tournaments!


On Jan 22, 2006, at 2:51 AM, Sevan Muradian wrote:

>I hope all is well with you and Alexandra.
>You may or may not have seen that this month I concluded the second
>FIDE GM/IM norm event in the Chicago area where IM Pascal Charbonneau
>gained his final GM norm.
>I am doing planning now for an event in July. My theme for one of the
>groups in this event is to try to create an venue where all
>participants are female and hence my email to you and Alexandra.
>I need to know the conditions for Alexandra to participate as one of
>the 3 GM's in the event (this event will have GM/IM norms available).
>The general aspects of the event will be as follows:
>July 8-16 - playing dates ae 10-14. Extra days at beginning and end
>are for enjoying Chicago in the summer.
>9R-RR - G/90 + 30/sec per move from move 1
>2 rounds per day except for last day (only 1 round) Rounds at 11am and
>PF: not yet determined
>Welcome dinner on the 9th and farewell dinner on the 14th.
>If you could please let me know the required conditions I would
>greatly appreciate it.
>Thanks much,
>Sevan A. Muradian
> (email and MSN Messenger)