From a post by Hal Bogner:

The Craigs List issue is not one I would have the slightest interest in, if not for the fact that Mr. Muradian wishes to have a major role in USCF governance. I have been consistent, since I first spoke to the Tanner ratings fraud issue in late 2006, in speaking out regarding the need for better people on USCF's Executive Board. It is very sad that finding things of importance that need to be addressed has been so simple and straightforward - with Robert Tanner, with Sam Sloan, with Susan Polgar, with Paul Truong, and now, with Sevan Muradian.

As for whatever evidence and investigation may be available in the Heiser - Muradian - Craigs List matter, the letters from Craigs List and from Comcast seem independent of what police department might have been inquiring, and they are prima facie evidence of unethical behavior by one USCF member against another. Until they are refuted, they disqualify Mr. Muradian from greater service in USCF governance in my opinion, and I hope that the entire electorate weighs them and considers the matter as I have.

Finally, the relationships between Mr. Muradian and Ms. Polgar and her husband, and also with Gregory Alexander, are ones which raise questions about Mr. Muradian's likely loyalty (or lack thereof) to USCF. In any case, he told me in a direct telephone conversation a little more than four years ago that he intends to control things himself, and has no belief in any control structures other than direct ownership in any case. He asserted that FIDE would eventually recognize his business or organization in return for a large check, too. I have no idea whether he still believes that this will occur, but there has been a pattern in recent years of attempting to undermine USCF from within, and this fits with that pattern.

Response by Bob Messenger to Bogner:

Hal, are you saying that Sevan hoped to influence FIDE to recognize his North American Chess Association as the official federation for the United States, instead of the USCF?

Response from Bogner to Messenger:

Mr. Muradian expressed to me that he believed he could obtain recognition of his North American Chess Association to in some way represent all of North America, in the process usurping some of the authority of the national chess federations of the US, of Mexico, and of Canada.

Somehow, though, these three national organizations would not cease to represent their respective nations in FIDE. I was not clear on exactly what distinctions he foresaw.

And to be clear, he expressed confidence that when the time came, FIDE would grant this authority if he "wrote a large check".

From the response by Messenger to Bogner:

Questions for Sevan Muradian: Will you confirm whether this conversation with Hal Bogner took place as he described it? Will you clarify what you meant by the North American Chess Association "representing" North America for FIDE purposes? And do you still intend to seek this recognition for the North American Chess Association?

(Editor's note: no reply from Muradian that I am aware of, even though he is active on the Forum.)

Response to Messenger by Brian Lafferty:

Bob, in the Spring of 2007, I had a similar, though less detailed, discussion by telephone with Mr.Muradian. I had only recently joined the USCF and was quite discouraged by what I was learning about the organization's financial affairs through Donna Alarie who had put me in contact with Mr.Muradian.

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