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Postby mikhail.korenman on Sun Aug 17, 2008 10:17 pm
August 17, 2008

Dear Susan,

I just returned home with my family from a week of vacation. I could not believe the shocking development with US chess at the 2008 USCF Delegates meeting. Since I am not posting much on either Forums, I will try to use this post to cover some of the problems I feel I cannot leave alone. I truly believe that the situation with the USCF government is completely out of control. I cannot see any future for the positive chess development in the US under the current situation. I do not believe that the USCF EB is thinking about the development of chess in the US for at least last few years and definitely not for the next year.

From year to year USCF cannot get 100 people who were elected as Delegates to come once a year (!) for the meeting. It is happening every single year for the last many years (I do not have a deep history of the Delegates meetings). Then, some people from a hallway on the site (by the way, mostly the same people for many years!!!) becoming Delegates, and as it is clear now – Directors of the organization! Just show up in a hotel and you are the Director!

Nonsense! How can we trust such governance body?!

Something does not work and should be changed! I had (!) respect to almost all current USCF EB members. Jim directed my very first tournament back in Kansas and was a great supporter after that. I sent him an e-mail immediately after he was elected to the EB but unfortunately still waiting for his response. I could not believe that Jim can change some of his chess belief very quickly… If I recall it correct, he and Frank supported the SPF for years…. If I recall it correct, he and Frank organized a great tournament (among many) in OK where you actually played in. I remember that Jim…. I also remember Randy who was the only one EB member in previous Board who came to Lindsborg to check out the site for the USCF office relocation. We had a full day of discussion and I was very happy about the very professional report he put together in one day! I remember that Randy…

I remember my first meeting with Bill at the EB meeting in FL a few years ago. I listened him as one of the great tournament organizers in the US at a luncheon where we happened to sit next to each other.  I tried to learn from him. But, my God, what is going on with Bill now does not make any sense…. I am not sure that Bill realizing that he can not run the 80,000 – 90,000 people organization as his private business.

I did not sign up for that. I am sure, majority of the members signed for USCF membership and not for CCA… Bill, you did great thing for chess in the US. You have to realize that you should not rule it all at once…. At this time, it is ALL in YOUR hands … Those of us who has some understanding of the USCF structure and activities know that it is BG time NOW. Let the young generation come and give this organization a life …..

Susan and Paul, everybody who will read this message knows that we always had a good relationship. And I greatly appreciate and value it. I am absolutely shocked that … Sam Sloan’s name is one that is trying to ruin your reputation. I want you to know – there are people in chess world who know who Susan Polgar is and do not know (or does not want to know!) who Sam Sloan is! I can only hope that you and Paul have enough energy left to stay for the good of chess in the US - now and in a future. You have 100% of my support.

And if I may, as a member of the US Chess Federation, I want to apologize to both of you for those terrible mistakes made by the governance body of the organization … I am sorry … With that, I want to join Fred, and probably some other people around, and make my little voice. I decided NOT to continue my USCF membership (expiring this month) until the organization will be clear from the chaos it is now. I can re-join the organization under the new leadership, when it will be in place.

Thank you,
Mikhail Korenman
Willowbrook, IL
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