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I am a candidate for the USCF Executive Board in the 2015 election.

This may come as a shock to some of you. I have served full terms on the EB on two prior occasions, and I have often made it known that I was looking forward to the end of those terms. That is not the case in 2015.

I'm not exactly sure why (probably the wisdom of the electorate), but we have a current EB that works and functions well together, and I would like to continue to be a part of it. In the current EB construct, various members take primary responsibility for various aspects of the functions of the EB. For example, Ruth Haring is primarily focused (besides her responsibilities as President) on FIDE, titled players and womens' issues. Gary Walters, as an attorney, provides outstanding advice on legal issues. Allen Priest, as a CPA, does the same on financial matters (and is also involved in scholastic and tournament direction issues). Mike Nietman advises on technology issues and is also very involved in scholastic and tournament organizing issues. Mike Atkins is very involved in FIDE, tournament direction and organizing issues. Chuck Unruh is very involved in business and financial as well as state issues.

That is an impressive list of credentials and skills, and I am happy to have served with all of them. I like to think that I complement the group and can continue to be a value-added member of the EB. What exactly do I bring to the table?

In my professional career and my volunteer service to the USCF, I have been a reformer, innovator and networker. Those would continue to be my focus on the Executive Board for another term.

As a reformer, I have been there with the USCF at some of its darkest - and brightest - moments. I served on the EB when the budget could barely balance, and I am proud of the progress we have made since those days. I was there since day one of the move to 'One Member One Vote' and was on the committee and actually drafted the bylaws changes necessary to accomplish it. I was also there from day one of the (now successful) effort to achieve 501(c)(3) non-profit organization status for the USCF.

As an innovator, I have worked to make our Board and the professional staff more accountable to the membership. This included spearheading the first member survey that was done last year and driving the strategic planning process for the EB.

As a networker, I first put the USCF in touch with and raised the issue of involvement with the current funder of the extremely successful US championships. I have also been a primary champion of this Forum as a way of keeping the USCF member community connected with its leadership and each other.

I am running again because there are still aspects of each of these that I am driven to see to success and completion. As a reformer, I want to see the USCF budget more permanently structurally balanced and opportunities for additional funding (particularly related to our non-profit status) identified and utilized. As an innovator, I want to complete the circle of strategy - planning, budgeting, execution, measurement and analysis - that is the hallmark of a high performing organization. I want to continue to provide - for free - the organizational and management skills to the USCF that my clients get (at $250 an hour). As a networker, I want to continue to build the community that is this USCF Forum and the networks that exist to grow the game.

I don't want to be 'everything' as it relates to Executive Board service. That said, in my chess career, I have been a scholastic player, adult player, state junior high, high school and junior champion; state over-the-board and correspondence champion and national master; local tournament director; state organization director, editor and President; USCF committee member and chair and Executive Board member.

Past experience is important and useful, but it isn't necessarily an indication of future performance or focus. In short, I wish to focus my time and attention on overall strategic direction for the USCF and the Executive Board, improving its customer service functions, and ensuring its continued financial stability. Yes, these aren't necessarily 'sexy' and they are 'meat and potatoes' issues. At the moment, I think they continue to be necessary areas of focus for the overall success of our organization.

I like to think that I know a bit about this organization and can help it succeed. I think my track record suggests that is the case. I would appreciate your support and vote for one last opportunity to finish some of what I and others have started.
Randy Bauer
USCF Executive Board Member
USCF Distinguished Service Award Recipient
Former Chair, USCF Finance Committee
Former Board Member, Iowa and Minnesota State Chess Associations
National Master