Randy is a Director in the Management and Budget consulting practice at Public Financial Management, Inc., the nation's leading provider of independent financial and management advisory services to the public and non-profit sectors in the United States.  Prior to that, he served as Budget Director for the State of Iowa for nearly seven years.  Randy served five years (one one-year term and one four-year term) on the USCF Executive Board, including four years as Vice President of Finance. He served on the USCF Committee that developed the Bylaws changes for the current ‘one member one vote’ system. Randy has been chair of the Finance Committee on two occasions, including at present. He is a very active poster on the USCF Issues Forum, helping significantly to keep our members informed. If elected, Randy plans to help maintain financial stability—the best two budget years for the USCF in the last decade were while Randy served on the Executive Board.  He also plans to concentrate on growing new revenue sources for the USCF, and to focus on USCF staff skill enhancement and process improvement.