Gary Walters 1596
Mike Nietman 1573
Allen Priest 1552
Sevan Muradian 406

Congratulations to Gary, Mike, and Allen!

There are three Executive Board seats to be filled this year.  Mike Nietman and Gary Walters are each concluding one-year terms after being elected last year to replace Susan Polgar and Paul Truong, whose USCF memberships were revoked at the USCF annual meetings at Indianapolis, August 2009.  Both Nietman and Walters are running for full three year terms. This is the first election for three year terms since the USCF Delegates changed the length of a term from four years to three years.

The four year term of Randy Bauer, USCF VP for Finance, is also expiring this year, and Bauer is not running for re-election.  In addition to Nietman and Walters, the candidates this year are Allen Priest and Sevan Muradian.  All candidates are elected at large, so the three candidates with the most votes of these four will be elected.

A major change this year is that we now have voter registration, which is designed to identify the electorate so that candidates and their supporters can more easily contact the voters.  USCF members had to register by March 31 to be eligible to vote in this year's elections.

LINK TO VOTER REGISTRATION (for elections after 2011)        


There are three candidates this year who are well qualified, solid supporters of USCF, and I recommend their election:

MIKE NIETMAN: Current Executive Board member and USCF Secretary, senior programmer/analyst for a large non-profit hospital, President of the Wisconsin Chess Association since 1987, organizer of many tournaments including the 1990 World Youth and two National Scholastics, former Co-Chair of the USCF Scholastic Council, member of Chess in Education, States, and various MIS committees, has attended 19 USCF Delegates meetings. 

GARY WALTERS: Current Executive Board member, attorney from Cleveland, OH, practices civil litigation in a large firm, retired U.S. Army officer, infantry commander during Desert Storm in Kuwait (for which he was awarded the Silver Star), active over the board tournament player and devoted correspondence chess player.  His legal knowledge has been a substantial asset to the Executive Board, which did not include a lawyer for many years.

ALLEN PRIEST:  Certified Public Accountant and auditor from Louisville, KY who has organized and directed many tournaments, served as a delegate since 2007, and has been an active member of numerous USCF committees, including Finance, Audit, Bylaws, LMA, Governance Task Force, and Forum Oversight, now working energetically as co-chair of the Bylaws Committee.  USCF VP for Finance Randy Bauer is leaving the Executive Board this year, and we need Allen to replace him.  (All Executive Board members run at large and the Board then elects its officers, but if Allen is elected to the Board, I have no doubt that the Board would choose him to be VP for Finance).

All three of these candidates have excellent credentials, but in addition to what is listed above, and most important, all are thoroughly loyal to the Federation. In recent years, we have seen Executive Board members and candidates whose loyalty to USCF was so lacking that they actually SUED the Federation, or failed to cooperate with our attorneys in defending lawsuits (see election 2009 for details.)

This year, candidate Sevan Muradian appears to be strongly allied with Susan Polgar and Paul Truong, who were expelled from the federation in 2009 after Polgar, while an Executive Board member, filed a $10 million lawsuit against USCF in 2008.  This lawsuit, which in my opinion was totally without merit, cost the Federation over $500,000 in legal fees.  In 2009 when USCF's attorneys issued a subpoena to Muradian inquiring about his discussions with Polgar and Truong, Muradian refused to cooperate, and attorneys for Polgar and Truong moved on Muradian's behalf to have the subpoena quashed.  This by itself would be enough reason for me to eliminate voting for Muradian as a possibility, but if you want to know more, click here.