There is a special election this year to fill the last year of two Executive Board seats that were vacated when the USCF memberships of Susan Polgar and Paul Truong were revoked at the USCF annual meetings at Indianapolis, August 2009.

Never have the voters had such an easy decision to make as in this election.

Mike Nietman is Co-Chair of the USCF Scholastic Council, has been President of the Wisconsin Chess Association since 1987, has been a USCF Delegate and attended every delegates meeting since 1987, has been an active member of many other USCF Committees, and has organized two National Scholastics, the 1990 World Youth, and many huge state scholastics.  He is a senior programmer and analyst for a large non-profit hospital.

Gary Walters is an active tournament player and a "devoted correspondence chess player" who has made many posts on the USCF Issues Forum as "Grayson," consistently displaying common sense and providing an attorney's viewpoint on the many legal issues that have been troubling the USCF.  Gary practices civil litigation in Cleveland, Ohio and is a retired army officer who was awarded the Silver Star for his service as an infantry commander in Kuwait during Desert Storm.  It will be wonderful to have an Executive Board member who can provide the Board with legal advice when needed without sending USCF a bill!  Gary's campaign website

There is no reason why Nietman and Walters should not be elected, and I urge all USCF voting members to vote for both.

The third candidate is Sam Sloan, who has run for the Board in every USCF election since 1996.  In a 2006 special election, he was elected to a one year term, but after a performance which included being censured by his fellow Board members twice, he has been soundly trounced in each of the past three elections.  In marked contrast to Gary Walters, who will be available to provide legal advice for USCF, Sloan has sued USCF twice, and absurdly accused the distinguished mediator who was trying to settle the Polgar lawsuit of being a "rogue mediator" who "uses threats, badgering and coercive tactics" in a court filing.  See these links for further details:  LINK 1  LINK 2